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Dow Jones Target Date Indexes


"Please complete by..."
Most people have target dates and deadlines for nearly everything they do paying the mortgage, completing a project at work or simply returning an item to the store. Similarly, many investors have time limits on their investments. Goals that they want to achieve such as buying a second home, retiring or paying for college. Often, investors begin planning for these expenditures many years in advance with their target dates in mind.

Year after year after year
Today, there are many financial products designed to help meet target or maturity-date investment goals. They invest in a diversified portfolio of stocks, bonds and cash and adjust their asset allocations over time, moderating potential risk as the target date approaches. But the truth is these products are not at all the same and until now there has been no index against which to measure their performance.

The proven name in indexes
Dow Jones Target Date Indexes were designed to meet the growing needs of the investment community. They can be used to measure balanced and multiasset-class portfolios with risk profiles that become more conservative over time.

Unlike any other
The Dow Jones Target Date Indexes are the first of their kind. They are the first portfolio-based indexes that reflect reductions in the potential risk of a portfolio as a target date approaches. They measure portfolios with "target dates" that are set at five-year intervals - currently 2005 through 2045.

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